CARS!! These are definitely items that have become a lot more than what they were intended to be when the firsts of them were released. What were they intended to be you might ask, well items that move people from point A to point B with ease, speed and comfort. Nothing more.


With the trends today, you all will agree with me that cars perform more roles than that which was mentioned above. You have them as status determinants- truth be told your car spells how wealthy you are before you open your mouth, they act as homes for some- in the motor house variants, are business means for some- those in the road transportation business will agree, a means of letting out pent up emotions- yes, your car offers you that when you just get in it and go for a solitary ride loosing yourself to the bass boost of the infotainment system just to cool off your almost exploding head and mind amongst various other functions. It’s not a thing limited to some countries. Any country you in fact visit today that does not have cars is definitely at the tail end of civilization.

With the many functions a car performs for its users, it is not a wonder that car enthusiasts are always on the look out for every recent information or update on what the automobile world has to offer. Car makers are also not stalling as they provide teasers on every new development to the latest car model they are working on, what car model will be withdrawn from the world market, or what cars are being adopted by celebrities, popular books or movies and why. You might have been searching for a platform that offers you the latest car news in details and you’ve not seen anything satisfactory. Search no further cars45 will be giving you everything you need to know in details about what is happening in the car world globally with updates everyday. Join the joy ride, it will be worth your try.


Today on World Car News: Monday 27th, 2017.


The Honda Civic Type R which is widely known as the fastest Honda type has won a hat-trick honor in the 2017 BBC Topgear Magazine award. As the world’s largest monthly car magazine, its awards are highly coveted and since the positions are voted for by renowned car editors, the Honda Civic has actually won big on this one. Taking the awards of the ‘Hot Hatch of the Year’, ‘International Editor’s car of the year’ and the ‘Ultimate Car of the Year’, it also got comments like ‘an addictive, rhythmic and devastatingly rapid true hero’ and ‘a fantastic way to end the year 2017’.  Though not available in Nigeria yet, keep this information at the back of your mind and know that the Honda Civic Type R which is a variant of the popular Honda brand known for their durability and resale value is a fast and award winning car. The moment it surfaces in Nigeria, you had better not waste time in getting it.

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Source: topgear magazine



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