World Car News #Update


Although already started on Sunday 14th January 2018, the North American International Auto Show also known as the Detroit Auto Show will gear into full swing this weekend by being open to the general public.

While car enthusiasts and potential buyers will be flooding the venue to be treated to a visual show of various cars, they will however be met with a lot of SUVs and trucks. The shift of public demand from cars and mid-sized sedans to SUVs due to various reasons can be penned as the major reason why most automakers are shifting their Research and Development as well as capital to the SUV, Trucks and Pickup  segments. Although, a good number of automakers ditched producing along the pickup line some years ago.

Not that every single vehicle at the autoshow will be a truck or an SUV, but the ones expected to draw most attention are the trucks and crossovers. The top anticipated six in this segment are:

2019 Ford Ranger

Based on similar characteristics as with the Ford Ranger that already sells in Australia, New Zealand and Africa, this Ranger will include steel front and rear bumpers mounted to a steel frame, a 2.3-liter engine, a front “bash plate,” and a 10-speed automatic transmission.

2019 Fiat Chrysler Ram

The new Ram integrates a 48-volt battery and 300-watt lithium-ion battery for a system that boosts fuel economy and boosts torque.


2019 Chevrolet Silverado


2019 BMW X2



2019 Nissan XMotion



2019 Mercedes Benz G-Class

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