You might want to ask why long term tests are carried out on cars by various car reviewers. Well, the answer is simple; To be sure, for the safety of the consumers or car users that cars being pumped into the automarket are fit for the road, meet all criteria the automakers promised they will meet and the interest of the users is protected no matter how long they decide to use the car for. Various factors and features are put into consideration by the car reviewer who is expected to be a neutral body- factors that include the car engine, brake, performance, on and off-road abilities, wheels, mileage, fuel economy, safety features amongst others.

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The Prado is one of the patents from the Japanese automakers- Toyota. It is a highly revered luxury beast in its fourth generation which gives off comfort, boldness, strength and ruggedness in the right proportions. The Prado is favoured by families for its practical space, cashed-up individuals for its traditional and muscular look as well as explorers or adventurers for its high performance anyday, anytime. Some were expectant that the 2018 model might launch the fifth model of the patent but its debut at the Frankfurt motor show revealed that it only continued the momentum and stability of its fourth generation which has been out  since 2009 with some developments to the exterior and interior. The safety kit fitted across the whole range is the most important of these developments as it further increases the already wide range abilities of the Prado.


The 2018 Prado is said to include a whole new fascia (face or front cover) that looks sleeker and contains a prominent 5 bar upper grille. The bumper is larger and kicks upward which further enhances the vehicle’s off road maneuverability. The hood cover was also modified to include creases and hunches that not only enhances the model’s strong personality but goes downward to allow better driver visibility from the inside. The Prados now feature integrated LED daytime running lights at a more natural angle (as opposed to the pre-facelifts’ downward-positioned ones), while the headlight projectors (LED optional) have been moved inboard to avoid impact with obstacles when off roading. The Prado will also be riding on an all different wheel system.


The interior of the Prado received a working over with attention on improved quality. The most prominent is the design revision of the centre stack. The top of the console tower has been reprofiled to improve visibility, something that users of outgoing Prados have complained about to an extent. There’s a brand-new 8” full-colour touchscreen infotainment system too, along with a touch-sensitive climate control panel, and a sleeker drivetrain-control panel. The instrument binnacle, switchgear, and dashboard are also all redesigned.  There is a new steering wheel as well as headliner, glove box and door panel illumination.       


The Prado has now gained autonomous emergency braking (AEB) on all automatic, where it was previously only available in VX and Kakadu variants. Adaptive cruise control also features as standard, along with intelligent high-beams and lane-departure warning signs. VX models will now get, on top of all that, blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert as well.


The LandCruiser Prado is still powered by a 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, sending 130kW and 450Nm to all four wheels when mated with a six-speed automatic. Torque is reduced to 420Nm when paired with the six-speed manual available on the GX or GXL models.


The Toyota Landcruiser Prado is a car that is said to have one major problem and that is- it has no problem. Majority of the challenges users face with it is based on how well they maintain it. The fuel economy is good and its second-hand value is topnotch. One cannot overemphasize the horsepower of this ride as well as its durability, reliability and comfort.


Below is the link to a long-term test video so you can see the Landcruiser at work




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