2018 RANGE ROVER VELAR – A Capable Class Act.

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The Range Rover is a Land Rover brand known for its expensive and luxury productions especially in the SUV class. The continuously growing Range Rover family just added the 2018  model to the Velar which is regarded as one of the prettiest, stylish and exquisite in the line. Positioned between the smaller Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport, the mid-size Velar is in its basic definition “a traditional mid-sized crossover” that will take you on off road trips effectively regardless of its pretty and stylish looks.


The Velar’s styling is one of its major highlights as this well-proportioned crossover boasts of one of the most balanced shoulder lines in the business, a nicely sculpted horizontal beam that floats from nose to tail, connecting the headlamps, tail lamps, side markers, and the door handles on each side. The door handles are motorized to seal flush with the panel, mimicking the retractable gear doors on an aircraft. Everything above this continuous line is painted black, visually disappearing and allowing the roof to appear as if it is floating. Available 22-inch wheels, some of the world’s thinnest LED headlamps and artfully integrated exhaust ports wrap up the exterior design. It’s the shortest Range Rover ever introduced, in terms of vehicle height, and arguably the most visually stunning.


Digitization is said to be the theme of the Velar’s interior. Sleek backlit panels dominate the interior, only illuminating to reveal their touch-sensitive buttons when the vehicle is powered-up. There are minimal physical controls, mostly limited to the stalks on the steering column, window switchgear on the doors, and a few large round dials on the center console. This exciting ride will be available in Nigeria from January 2018 according to Thisday Live. As one from the Range Rover line, having the Sports just slightly above it, one can already imagine the price it comes with. With the features it boasts of however, the price is arguably worth it.




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