With the ever advancing stance the automobile world has taken especially where concept cars are concerned, we can almost conclude that there is nothing new left to see for the future of cars. Well, you might want to back up a bit on that statement. Tell you why? There has not been any year or auto show that something entirely new does not spin out from the world of cars.

Some of these things, we have already seen. The other ones, only imaginations are what we have of them based on the projections let out by automakers.

Want to know what roads would look like in 2020, here you go:


Autonomous Vehicles: Even though a lot of controversies still cloud the use of autonomous vehicles, they are not going away. At the moment, self driving cars still need human drivers for some functions. By 2020 however, we’ll have cars capable of being fully autonomous in most circumstances.


Driver Override Systems: This relates to autonomous technology, but it’s different because it’s the car actively disregarding your commands and making its own decisions. We’ve already got cars that will stop if you fail to apply the brakes. But by 2020 cars will apply the brakes even if the driver has the gas pedal floored. The rapid increase in sensor technology will force a shift in priority, giving the car final say — not you.


Biometric Vehicle Access: The switch we’ve seen in recent years from keys to keyless entry and start will be followed by a switch to key-fob-less entry and start. You’ll be able to unlock and start your car without anything more than your fingerprint (or maybe your eyeball, but fingerprint readers are more likely than retina scanners). Sound a lot like the latest form of cell phone security? It should, because it’s exactly the same concept.


Active Health Monitoring: Ford Motor Company has previewed the idea of seatbelt or steering wheel sensors that track vital statistics. The rapid development of wearable technology means most cars will just wirelessly pair with these devices (think cell phone for your body). Combine this with basic autonomous technology and you’ve got a car that can pull over and call paramedics when the driver has a heart attack.


Trust me, there is still a lot from car concepts to expect by 2020. Stay tuned to this page for more.


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