3 Tips For First-Time Car Buyers

Research has shown that learning how to drive and buying a new car are some major life milestones.

So, you’ve landed a new job? Maybe you’ve just received your admission letter and need a car for school or you’ve been taking driving lessons and you’re ready to go go go….be on the road!

Whatever the circumstance is, buying your first car can be really exciting and so we’re sharing some tips for first-time car buyers.

Do Your Research

Car-buying research includes searching for the make and model of your desired car and making sure there aren’t any major consumer complaints or safety-related defects. Just because you like the look doesn’t mean it’s a good first-time car.

Just because you like a pickup truck on the market doesn’t mean it’s the best car for your day-to-day needs. If you don’t have a family, an SUV or minivan may not be the best choice either. Research the costs of fuel, maintenance, repairs etc. If you were to take out a loan for the car, how would the price impact on your income?

Look for Verified Used Cars

Verified vehicles are the best kind of used cars you can buy. Instead of buying a new car, which can lose about 60% of its value within the first five years, look for certified pre-owned vehicles, which are often in good condition.

Get a Car Report Before You Purchase (includes vehicle history and inspection reports)

Never purchase a vehicle without first viewing a report. When buying a vehicle, you should request for an inspection report that provides essential information on the vehicle’s ownership history, including accident reports, emissions results, service records, title information etc This way, you get to understand the car’s history before you make a final decision. The Inspection report also gives you insight into the vehicle’s condition to enable you make an informed buying decision.

Not satisfied?

Or maybe you’ve searched and can’t seem to find what you’re looking for. We can actually help you get that specific car.

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Exciting right?

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