4 things To Do When Your Car Engine Is Overheating

4 things To Do When Your Car Engine Is Overheating

The fuel that is burned inside your engine generates lots of heat.

The cooling system makes sure that the temperature is kept within proper limits.

But when any of the components of the cooling system fails or due to lack of coolant because of a leak this can cause the engine to overheat, leading to serious complications.

Therefore, it’s important to regularly check the coolant for top-ups and leakage.

If your car starts overheating, don’t panic.

1 – Pull over to the side of the road
2 – Turn off the engine and allow it to cool off for a while.
3 – Top up with some coolant or water. Look out for leakage while doing this.
4 – Once the engine starts, get it to a mechanic workshop for proper repair.


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