5 Signs you’re in love with your car

Here are five tell-tale signs that you’re a little too in love with your car.

1. You Panic When You Park Somewhere Unfamiliar

Leave your car in an unfamiliar parking space, and you spend the rest of the day panicking it’ll get vandalized or damaged. Even while you’re having fun your mind is still fixated on your car.

2. You Have a Strict Set of Rules for Passengers

Any passenger traveling in your car must follow your rules:
1. No eating and drinking in the car
2. Only the Driver picks the entertainment — music, Talksport, or silence.
3. You don’t tolerate passengers speaking ill of the age, color or mileage of the car — or else.
4. Muddy shoes? Sorry, this is prohibited.

3. You spend a lot on in-car air fresheners

You buy expensive air fresheners leaving your car smelling like it’s just rolled out of the showroom.

4. The Relationship You Have With Your Car is Clear for All to See

When you have several pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts all dedicated to pictures and videos of you and your beloved car.

5. You Think About Your Car, Even When You’re Not Driving

Your have become obsessed with your car, and the thought of it sitting alone in a car park makes you sad. Even when you’re indoors, you still peek at your car through the blinds just to make sure it’s ok.

Always take good care of your car, for a better resale value.

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Credit: Holtsauto.com

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