6 Signs your transmission is going bad?

Transmissions take a lot of use over the years, and after a while, they’re bound to start having some problems. Transmission repairs can be expensive, so it’s worthwhile to pay attention to anything that seems unusual.


Transmission Fluid leak: Your vehicle’s transmission fluid should never leak. If you notice transmission fluid on your driveway, or in your garage underneath where you park your car, that’s a sign that you need to schedule an appointment for transmission repair and have that leak sealed up before it causes more expensive problems.

Delayed shifting: If you notice a delay when shifting from park to drive, that is one of the classic signs of a bad automatic transmission that needs to be repaired.

Rough shifting: This symptom of a failing transmission is noticed when your vehicle seems like it’s refusing to change gears as it normally would. You will either feel, or hear a very noticeable sound when your vehicle shifts gears.

Transmission slipping: If you transmission is slipping in your vehicle, it will feel like it is changing gears on its own for no apparent reason. Your engine may also make a noise that you’ve never heard when this happens which will help you know that transmission is going bad.

Strange Smells: Generally transmission fluid has a slightly sweet or tart odor. Should you start to notice a light, burning odor it’s time to start thinking about your next fluid change This is a problem that can go from bad to worse very quickly. Transmission fluid is vital in keeping all the transmission parts lubricated while preventing the unit from burning itself up. If your transmission fluid is severely burnt it could mean your transmission is burning as well which can mean a complete transmission rebuild.

Odd Sounds: Manual and automatic transmissions respond differently when they are malfunctioning. It is important to recognize any odd sounds your transmission might be making to avoid further complications. If you have a manual transmission, a common warning sign is a very abrupt grinding noise or feeling when you shift into a new gear. Experiencing a grinding noise after fully engaging a clutch and shift may mean you have worn clutch or might have to get it adjusted. Also, your transmissions gear synchronizers may be worn out or damaged.

With an automatic transmission you’ll most likely feel the car shimmy into each gear, instead of having unnoticeable shifts. There is also a good chance you will hear a whining, buzzing, or humming sound. If you are experiencing any of these problems we suggest you have your vehicle checked out by a professional.


Credit: Automedics

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