Local Car News #Update


Nigerian Telecommunication and Data network; 9mobile has introduced a Vehicle Tracking (VT) Solution that can help individuals and companies manage the activities of their vehicle, reduce maintenance cost and optimize fuel consumption.

With the rising cost of maintenance and the growing concern for vehicle and passenger safety, the VT Solution is a high-quality Swedish device powered with 9mobile SIM card and high-speed data, that allows users remotely track their vehicles on their mobile phones and website; ensuring they are in full control of their vehicles and fleet.

Other features available for the affordable device include include geo-fencing that gives the user a trigger set-up whenever a vehicle enters or exits defined boundaries. Other features include eco-driving which support fuel optimisation, spare parts replacement, reporting management and instant vehicle demobilisation which is available on request.

The device is available at selected 9mobile stores in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt; the VT Fleet solution is embedded with a user-friendly monitoring portal, infused with a longer battery life and an updated location history.

Speaking on the Technological innovation, Plato Syrimis, Director, Enterprise Segment, 9mobile, affirmed that with the high-quality device, the minds of vehicle owners – individuals as well as corporate organizations can now be at rest as they will be able to focus their attention on other rewarding engagements.


“The VT Fleet Solution is an affordable product that individuals, corporate organizations, and our strategic partners will find very useful as it provides real-time vehicle surveillance and reporting, makes retrieval easy in case of theft, ensures efficiency in fuel usage and driver management.

“It also allows you to track your vehicle location and activities from the comfort of your phone, tablet or computer. In addition, the solution also notifies users when their vehicle spare parts are due for replacement, thereby saving cost on expensive maintenance and vehicle break-down.  It’s all part of 9mobile’s commitment to our millions of subscribers and their continued well-being.”

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