A Car Upgrade Is Possible


We are five months into 2019 already. 127 days raced by just like that.


Come to think of it, only a short while back, we were basking in the euphoria of ushering in the New Year with our family and friends. Not forgetting the traditional listing of New Year resolutions and goals to help slay this year.

Speaking of resolutions, a few friends shared theirs and we were struck at the range and diversity of the ambitions. Here are some you might find fascinating too:


Resolutions are a great way to make positive changes in our lives. But really, how many people have been able to keep their resolutions? They can be hard to keep. The harsh reality is that approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February.



The way to win is to start by doing something about just one goal at a time. Don’t waste your time thinking about why it may not work, or you won’t do it. Just pick one goal like selling your current car and buying a better one. That’s one resolution successfully achieved. Celebrate your win and move on to the next!

Did you know that between January and April, over ten thousand people have upgraded – either by buying a pocket-friendly ride or swapping their “old” cars for a new golden one. There are various car options to fit “slim & fat” budgets alike. So, tick off that plan to get yourself a new ride now.



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