Race Car News #Update


Aston Martin, a trusted name in the Racing world is set to revive the Lagonda brand as an all-electric rival to Rolls-Royce and Bentley, with an ambition of driving current owners of Tesla vehicles further upmarket.

Aston Martin has owned the “Lagonda” nameplate since 1947, but last launched a full Lagonda-branded car far back in 1977. With the emergence and the fast evolve of Technology, the group will launch two Lagonda models. The first arriving in 2021; on Tuesday it unveiled a concept design for the brand at the Geneva Motor Show.

“The Lagonda brand is roughly the same age as Rolls-Royce, but in its new form, Lagonda will be all electric. It will appeal to people other than traditionalists, such as those who want to upgrade from a Tesla.”  said Andy Palmer, C.E.O. Aston Martin.

Aston Martin’s plan to make two different Lagonda brand is part of a seven-year plan to launch a new mainstream model every year until 2023, under a turn round that is expected to include a stock market listing.

Aston Martin has pledged to embrace electric technology, with every model with hybrid technology or full battery power by 2025.

Aston Martin hopes to capture the luxury space for the technology that is slated to dominate the industry in future as combustion engines become phased out over the coming decades. The brand is also launching its first full electric vehicle, the RapidE sports car, next year in order to understand the market.

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