World Car News #Update

German Automaker, Audi has confirmed that the upcoming E-tron will cut through the air like a knife. The Audi e-tron which specifically has a drag coefficient figure of 0.28, which is one of the highest recorded in the SUV segment, Audi says its aerodynamic design choices, such as body styling and air suspension contribute towards the e-tron’s 248 mile driving range in the WLTP cycle.

One of the design aspects that helps towards the e-tron’s high driving range is ‘virtual’ door mirrors. The e-tron will be the first car in the world to receive such technology, which sees parts that look like conventional mirrors attached to either side of the car, but are narrower and have cameras built-in instead of mirrors. Images from the cameras are then displayed on OLED screens in the section between the instrument panel and the door. The mirrors can be adjusted for highway driving, turning and parking to make driving safer.

The optional cameras replace conventional door mirrors and project digital images onto screens located inside the car where the front doors meet the dashboard.

The e-tron SUV, which is due to be fully revealed in August, will be powered by a dual-motor powertrain using a 95kWh lithium ion battery and capable of 150kW DC fast charging. The latter is claimed as a world first and is 30kW more rapid than Tesla’s Supercharger network.

Also confirmed is the use of alternating current AC chargers that can top up the battery by recovering energy on the move. As standard, the car will feature 11kW chargers for this, although 22kW chargers will be available as an option to enhance the recovery rate.

The e-tron’s air suspension system also helps contribute its impressive drag coefficient figure, as it can automatically lower the whole body of the car by 1-inch at speeds above 74.6mph. This small adjustment helps to significantly reduce drag, as the entire underbody of the car is enclosed and bolting points on various panels have small dimples similar to golf balls to better help channel the air flow. It’s these small but significant details that go towards the e-tron’s likely £60,000 starting price.

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