World Car News #Update



Australia, a topmost car making country but gone into extinction last year when, the Australian division of General Motors, shuttered its assembly plant in South Australia. (The last Pontiac GTO was a rebadged Holden.) All cars are now being shipped or imported from other countries.

With a number of Car manufacturers warning against the danger that beckons as a result of technological revamps when it comes to cars as well as manufacturing electric cars. The head of BMW Australia said as much earlier this year and now Jaguar has joined in. “As one of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, Jaguar Land Rover is calling on Australian government to provide a unified and clear road ahead for the industry to follow,” the company said in a statement in May.

“If we let the rest of the world race ahead, we risk becoming reliant on overseas services and products by the time we catch up. We need clear and cohesive leadership now to ensure we don’t miss out. We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes made with the energy sector, where Government inaction and regulatory indecision stalled progress and ultimately cost Australians through higher prices,” Matthew Wiesner, head of JLR Australia said

Australia has had a rather quixotic approach to renewable energy and electric cars, with senior members of government at both the state and federal level vigorously opposing both.

But nothing succeeds like success. Renewable energy and battery storage are transforming the Australian power market. Perhaps electric cars could lead the way for the country to once again becoming a major vehicle manufacturing nation.

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