Has Driving ever been so Adventurous?

Why should you choose an automatic gearbox over a manual? Does driving an Automatic geared car make you an inexperienced driver?  All these and so much more are questions to be asked when it comes to choosing a car.

It is one thing to have a car and another thing to know how well to drive.

For every Car learner in Nigeria from the Early 60’s down to the mid 90’s, driving the manual geared car has been a way of appreciating the four wheeled automobile. This is own to the stream of belief as passed down to us from our colonial masters.

However, the vast majority of British drivers also learn in a manual car; where the gears are selected using a lever and a clutch pedal. This is still considered the ‘normal’ way to learn despite the growing popularity of the automatic car, which effectively changes gear for you.

Today, our discussion will be centered around the preference of the Nigerian driver and how well they (Automatic gear and Manual gear) seem to grow on the Nigerian roads.




Virtually all cars in Nigeria today now come with the Automatic gearbox and drivers seem to find it more appealing, this is as a result of the comfort it offers; you can just have a gear shift to the ‘D’ and enjoy the ride without touching the gear head except you need to reverse.

With the Automatic gearbox, a rational novice will learn how to drive well in just one week. It spells comfort and relief, you never have to worry about changing the gear after driving for few minutes  or kicking down the accelerator when you need to get the car going.

However, what most drivers do not know is that Cars fitted with automatic gearboxes can sometimes use more fuel than the same model fitted with a manual, although the reverse is also true in a few cases.




I could remember growing up as a child, My Dad would switch in between gears so easily like the car was specially made for him – The sight of him pressing down the clutch, changing gears and the obedience of the car to his gestures on the other end was so interesting.

Proponents of the manual gearboxes tend to enjoy the control they possess over their car, as only you can choose which gear to use.

This can provide more driver involvement, giving the feeling that a direct connection or relationship exists between Humans and Machines, with a mechanical feel to each gear change instead of a computer taking care of it for you. In some cars, a manual gearbox can also be useful for towing and off-road driving, where you want to maintain a low gear.

One of the disadvantages of the manual gear head is the fact that one has to control the gear almost every minute when driving, a manual gearhead requires more effort than an automatic. This however becomes most apparent in heavy traffic, some learners also find the added complication of gear selection and clutch control daunting and take their driving test in an automatic vehicle.




Talk about the Nigerian driver whose patience level has gone way beyond the ordinary, being stuck in traffic is one frustrating sight, having a flat tyre or being caught by Road officials. You never want to cross the path of a frustrated driver who has been through the fiery furnace of the aforementioned.

The choice is yours dear readers, you get to choose which one is best for you. Are you learning to drive? Which gearbox are you using? Tell us in the comments section.

Happy Valentine’s day in Advance!


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