Cars and Movies #Update

Welcome once again folks! Happy post Valentine’s day.

For those Car lovers whose thoughts and utmost wish is to have the power of a superhero – to be able to draw out good looking cars from the screen or better still, possess the power of Bruce Almighty – transform that disgraceful car to a hot spectacle.

Well, worry no more, your wishes might just have come to pass as we have carefully selected those captivating cars from movies for your satisfaction. At least, if you’re going to hurl out cars, you should have a prototype of what you want to cast that magical wand on.

So Let’s go…


Batmobile – THE BATMAN TRILOGY: Lovers of Batman and the DC comic characters, you would know this car very well. Bruce Wayne got it from a neglected scientist who thought the car was a failure due to its juggernaut body and neglect by sponsors.

But here we are, Batman(Bruce Wayne) seems to love this car, hence giving it a technological facelift and a radical look. The strength and size of the car never gives into unfortunate compromise, Thanks to Dr. Fox for the invention.


Audi R8 – CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR: Virtually everyone has seen the avengers but for me, I watch it everyday. The Black Panther got me tripping.

The superheroes in ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ are seen behind the wheels of quite a number of mouthwatering cars. Though there are a lot of cars used in the movie, the Audi R8 is a beauty that seems not to be forgotten so soon. The Car is used by Tony Stark, the Iron man.


1969 Pontiac GTO – SLEEPLESS: As is said about the love for Vintage Cars, the one used in this Movie is such a wonder. The sleepless movie features two corrupt undercover Cops who are targeted by underworld figures after they had stolen a large shipment of cocaine.

The 1969 Pontiac GTO as driven by Vincent Downs (Jamie Foxx). Being one of the first generation Cars, the Pontiac GTO is as superb as one can think, the GTO was selected Motor Trend Car of the Year in 1968.


Audi S8 – TRANSPORTER REFUELED: After Jason Statham stepped down from the transported sequel, the new Frank Martin seems to not have the better vibe as the previous Frank Martin.

The Audi S8 as driven by him speaks action. According to Top Gear, they hold the belief that the S8 is one of the world’s finest –if not the finest – getaway car. Brute power and a traditionally unassuming design make the Audi S8 a veritable wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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