Awesome Gifts for Your Car this Christmas!

Its arguably the most wonderful time of the year (some prefer the time salaries get paid lol!). Christmas is here again and we are all super stoked about it. It’s the season of gifting, giving and sharing; all in the name of LOVE! And since everyone deserves to be loved,  how about showing some love  to that faithful car that has served you all year round.

So while you are getting into the gifting and receiving mode, why not schedule a little “pimp my ride” session for your car or your spouse’s car? (believe us, she’ll say thank you in more ways than one).

Here are a few thoughts:

  • New Tyres & Alloy wheels: Good shoes they say take you good places. Why not get your car new tyres this season. Alloy wheels are the perfect way to upgrade your car. They are weigh significantly less than their steel-plated competitors, they are incredibly durable, beautiful and they instantly increase the value of your car. All you can do is win, win, win with this upgrade. And if you are ever looking to sell, you know where to go. (Visit any of our Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt centres)



  • Cell Phone Air Vent Mount Holder: Safety first…especially while driving! But we understand that there are some calls that you just can’t miss. I mean how do you explain to you pregnant wife in labour that you couldn’t pick her call?  Or how else would you use the GPS navigation feature on your phone when going to an unfamiliar place without getting distracted?. Do yourself a favour, gift yourself this air vent mount holder this season.


  • A Complete Car Care Kit: This gift may seem ordinary but is a perfect gift for those obsessed with keeping their car clean.

  • Leather Embossed Keychain: Can we please ditch the grandfather’s clock look alike key chains and get stylish this season.  

  • Car seat gap filler: If you’re among that class of people that their stuff always falls into the space at the sides of the seats. Get this gap filler for your car and save yourself the hassle of always struggling to bring your stuff out from the gap in your seat..

  • Automatic Cordless Tyre Inflator: Vulcanizers can be as annoying as you can imagine; they’ll extort you and inflate your tyre carelessly. Well, this tyre inflator is perfect for you, It can be refilled and automatically shuts off when it reaches your tyre PSI. Awesome right?! Get it for yourself or someone you care about.

Well, that’s it for car Christmas gifts ideas. I’m still waiting for my birkin bag oh!! Or better still, you can give me a car (I’d so much love the Mini Cooper S) at least the bible says ‘ask and it shall be given’ #smug. Spoil yourself and get something you’ll pat yourself on the shoulder for and don’t forget to get for your loved ones too.

Have fun this season.. Bye!!!

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