Yeah well, another long week is over and just like me, I’m sure you can’t wait to party hard, visit a friend or just rush home to binge watch a series all Saturday long under your duvet without taking a shower.

The roads are going to be busy and people will drive with ecstacy or tiredness depending on what perspective or emotion the weekend gives. So you can show up in one piece at work or school on Monday, here are some things you should not do while driving this weekend, or any weekend at that.


Driving under the influence alcohol

You should have heard this maybe over a million times. Simple truth still stands; drunk driving causes accidents. The majority of traffic-related deaths are caused by drunk drivers. It’s a well-known fact that alcohol impairs your ability to drive. So follow common-sense guidelines like taking a taxi or using a designated driver if you’re planning a booze-fueled night on the town.


Driving tired

Drowsy driving is every bit as dangerous as drunk driving. When your body needs sleep, it’s going to get it, one way or another. People who insist on driving when they should stop for a rest will have slower reaction times and are likely to fall asleep at the wheel. The results usually aren’t pretty. Drivers who are sleepy or asleep tend to crash on high-speed roads, and they usually don’t do anything to avoid the crash in the moments before impact. So if you feel yourself nodding off, pull off the road and grab a nap someplace safe. You might get home later than planned, but that’s a small trade-off for your safety and that of the drivers sharing the road with you.

Distracted driving

You know the drill. Shave/put your makeup on at home, and turn off the cell phone while you’re driving. The federal government has taken action by pressuring state governments to ban texting and driving, eating and driving, and all other activities that take motorists’ eyes and minds away from the road. How many times in the past week have you looked into someone’s car at an intersection only to see that they couldn’t see you, because they were on the phone and/or yelling at their kids? Distracted drivers are an example of why some people think autonomous, self-driving cars are a swell idea.



Driving too fast for the weather conditions

When the weather gets bad, slowing down is the best way to avoid an accident. All-wheel drive isn’t an excuse for driving fast in inclement weather. When the road surface is slippery, a 3,500- to 5,000-pound vehicle will probably skid if you need to slow down in a hurry. According to the Federal Highway Administration, 24 percent of all vehicle crashes are weather related. That’s a good reason to slow down and leave a little space between your car and the one in front.



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