Car Review-Benz E-Class: Comfortability or Frustration

General overview.

Let’s talk about the Mercedes benz E-class, you know it’s awesome right? You bet it is: I saw Dare art-alade drive the 2016 E-Class past Maryland bus-stop last month. Azzin last month! Dare art-alade baba oooo! he was looking huge and so fresh in the machine. I admired the glow of the sun on his wrist-watch as i watched him drive past Oando filling station. His sitting position in the machine was C-shaped: his back was arched against the driver- seat that it looked like the car was built for him alone. Commuters kept shouting his name as he was grew out of sight in the calmness of the day. “No be the guy wey sing you’re not the girl i used to know be that?” “Omo you no see that car?” “That car go cost ooo!” “E go reach 15 million?” “Where all dis artistes dey get money from sef?”  Questions and speculations started surging as people began to admire his ride and relish his songs in retrospect even as he had gone out of sight.

Mercedes Benz is a name that has gained wide recognition, its product has so far been embraced and driven both by big boys and big men on the streets of lagos and in the vast region of Nigeria for over 30 years, with ranges of the E-220, E-230, E-240, E270, E-320.

Yet there exists a number of complaints and reviews that seem very unfair to both users and unappealing to its manufacturers. There’s no doubt about it, the Mercedes E-Class is a great vehicle that still looks good today and it’s one of those cars that you’ll be proud to drive around without the ostentatious showy-ness of a sports car. You can pick up some real bargains on the second hand dealer circuit, but what’s the best way to be sure that you’re not picking up a spoilt banana?

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The frustrating flaw.

While discussing the choice of cars to acquire with a friend, we dabbled into the mercedes E-class and his complaints were heart breaking:


I had an E class and was concerned to drive it because no matter the size of the hole in the street we got a flat…. after i mailed Mercedes, they advised me to try the C-class with bigger tires. My E-Class was just 7 months old and i had had 4 flats already. The last one was up state VGC and after i had battled with the tyre myself, i opted for a tow to ikeja which was like an hour away. The dealership was closed so i had to wait till the next day. I even had to sleep in a hotel…how disappointing! MB sucks.”

With such an unfavourable complain, i tried to picture the famous Dare Art-Alade battling with his tyre or better still banging his bonnet in disappointment of the engine. What a sight you know?

To burst your brain, i bumped into an old friend back in school whom i had known to be easy-going, he was having a heated argument with a man who had just bashed the bumper of his E-Class. The funny thing is, i couldn’t find a scratch on the accuser’s bumper. Now the question is: How can a force small enough not to scratch the paint on a bumper make the bumper fall off? I had to plead for the accuser who looked confused even at the sight of the bumper. I fixed an appointment with my friend to head to the famous Ladipo with him to get another bumper and then have lengthy talks afterwards. To my greatest surprise, we couldn’t find a spare of the bumper, in the whole of Ladipo? I sighed at the look of the famed E-class as we drove off in sheer disappointment.  

However, other trending problems that has plagued the hallow of the german spectacle are as follows:

  • Injector issues
  • Power steering issues
  • Brake problems
  • Issues with lights
  • Camshaft failure
  • Jerking transmission

Did you ever experience this too? Do you wish to get rid of that lovely but disappointing model? Its best you check out the current value of the Mercedes E-class as we will gladly help you get it swapped for a better choice with our trade-in option.

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