Cars and Movie #Update


When cars feature in movies, either car focused movies or other action packed visuals, the use and performance of such cars are focused on and appreciated, especially when a particular brand appears in many movies. It is interesting when you can spot a particular brand or model in more than one movie where the car performs differently to suit the scene and plot. Even if the car might just be blowing up, falling off a cliff or used to hunt down an enemy in a wild car chase – cars seem to exhibit a certain role that serve a striking reminder of how it can possibly be controlled.



One of such brands is the Volkswagen which is a compact vehicle that has been featured in and played iconic roles in epic movies over the years. In the 1968 classic, Love Bug, Herbie almost becomes one of the characters as the highly personified car with added gadgets that it uses to react to different situations. This particular movie draws attention to the 1964 Volkswagen Beetle even many years later. The first to second Golf models of this brand have also been featured in a number of movies especially in foreign movies with non-English titles proving its wide reach.

The Mercedes Benz brand aids in making the characters role more concrete, providing the necessary edge with its sleek and luxurious features. Over the years the different models have been incorporated to suit specific roles, from the early days of The Transporter before Jason Statham started driving Audis, the Mercedes S class was his go to mode of transport with its sleek and professional look. With its many models designed to suit specific needs, Mercedes Benz has been featured in a movies such as Jurassic Park where the M Class model traverseved dangerous terrains and even stood against two T rexes and survived in all its glory.  

Following the Iron Man franchise, Tony Stark’s love for Audi’s is hard to miss as the brands different models have featured in the entire trilogy. It can be said that Iron Man and Audi cars can be labelled as the perfect match as Tony Stark can’t seem to get enough from the R8 and S5 B8 used in the original movie to the S7 and R8 e tron in the most recent installment. The Audi brand has proven to be exceptionally versatile delivering high performance and extreme outcomes.


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