Eating and driving is almost never as clean or easy as you’d like; most of the common foods you’re likely to drive and eat are at best awkward and at worst a filthy disaster. So instead of beating ourselves up about it, why don’t we find a way to make it better?

In the modern age of the world today, food has really gotten so easy; not easy that you can cook while driving, but as easy as finding food almost everywhere. You can be sure to eat to your fill provided that you have your money in your pocket anytime, anyday. From Lagos Island: Obalende, Apongbon, Ikoyi, Victoria Island and its environs down to the Mainland: Ikeja, Surulere, Ojota, Yaba and beyond, you can be sure to find food even if you wake and leave home as early as or you’re going back home by

This write up is more like a supporter and a compass for the hungry car owner who gets so occupied by work everyday when driving to work and back home.  



This is the number one Terminal in Lagos and the most popular at that. No wonder food sales never wears out there. Have you been driving past the area of ojota with that belch of hunger in your stomach? Well, you have been ignorant all this while but you can live off that now. Virtually all areas in Ojota harbour food sellers; for the elite and the average. Trust me, their food reeks of an aroma you can’t resist.



The Capital of Lagos state and one of the busiest areas of the state. Food in this area is no problem believe me; from Airport road down to Computer Village, GRA and its environs, you are in for a big treat. Are you driving past ikeja areas today, be sure to walk in and have a treat. Betterstill, you can drive down to the Ikeja City Mall for a royal treat.


Regarded as one of the most rugged and busy areas of Lagos, yet surrounded by quite a number of eateries. From Yaba to the Uptowns of surulere down to National Stadium and Alaka, you are bound to find Varieties of Nigerian delicacies specially cooked for your satisfaction.

Drive round those areas today and you’ll find yourself being treated to a favorable mouthwatering delicacy.



There was a time i was told people living in this area never sleep. I never did believe until i saw for myself. From till, food never goes cold and merriment never cease. If you happen to live in this are and you still complain of not being satisfied, then there is more to it. Drive past the areas of Obalende and its environs today and you will be sure to not only feed your belly but your eyes.



In this areas, you are bound to have a world class treat, from chinese foods to indian cuisine and other vast culinary. Life is beautiful on the island of Lagos as there are series of restaurants for the common man. You have nothing to worry about here, you’re good to go as all roads leading to each restaurant is easy to find.

Though Lagosians tag the Lagos Island areas ‘Elite’, and Lagos Mainland ‘Rugged’ So far Lagos takes a better look, we care less. Tell us about your favorite hunger-busting Junction when driving in the comment section.

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