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Okay so apparently this has been on since september but I just heard about it last night. The  National Council on Transportation approved the commencement of a `bicycle riding’ project as a means of transportation in Abuja on the 4th of September 2017. The Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, explained that the project was to launch only in Abuja because the city is the only one in the nation with appropriate facilities to aid bicycle riding. In Abuja there are special lanes for bicycle riding but in other places there aren’t and riding bicycles on the major roads is very hazardous. He further stated that if other states wants to adopt the project, they should provide appropriate lanes for bicycle riders. The bicycle project is a pilot project to determine the feasibility of bicycle riding as a means of transportation. The minister advocated the adoption of bicycle riding as a formal means of transportation, he highlighted that it is good for the health of the riders as it would help reduce congestion on the roads and other countries like China and the UK are already using it.


Personally, I really can’t seem to understand the purpose of using bicycles as a means of transportation. But it’s just my opinion. Bicycles are pretty slow and are usually only used when the distance to be covered is short. Besides does that mean everyone will get their own bicycles or they will release the dual bicycles to the public so it would be used for public transportation- one rider, one passenger. Thank God he even said they have their own lanes because I can imagine the number accidents they would have recorded if it was the general lane the cyclists used, especially if it is this our Lagos. They can’t even start such in Lagos, special lanes or not. Lagosians are always in a hurry, you’ll even see okada riders using the bicycle lanes. Besides, people want to get to their destination in time and the stress of cycling that thing? No no… except for those special people that want to use it as a form of exercise. But even if it’s for exercise, will you now want to exercise under the hot sun? Then start sweating before you get to work.


Anyways I wish all the cyclists the best, be careful oh!! And don’t stress yourself too much especially if you have a history of heart problems, stroke, hypertension and the other family members. In as much as exercise is good for the body, too much of it is bad. Cycling that thing morning and night everyday no be beans oh!! I’ll advise you rotate it, some days for bicycle, other days for car or public transport. As for me I’m sitting here chilling and waiting for the outcome of the project. Let’s see if people will actually be receptive to using bicycles as an actual means of transport and not just for leisure purposes. Also, these lanes are they even safe? It is very difficult to survive a bicycle accident. The government should ensure the lanes are protected with concrete slabs so there is a higher assurance of safety from reckless drivers. I’m not a bad belle oh! But I’m waiting…I most definitely will be back on this subject. In the meantime, please share your thoughts in the comment section, let me see those that are on my side.





Unprotected Bicycle lane




Protected Bicycle lane…



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