World Car News #Update


Benghazi, Libya has had its fair share of chaotic events especially against Western presence in their region since time past. Such was the 2012 Benghazi attack against the American diplomatic compound in the region.

What is however very shocking about the car bombs that rocked the city yesterday night is that it was directed at citizens of the city and not foreigners.

The car bombs of yesterday happened in the neighborhood of a central mosque within minutes of each other. The first car bomb was directly in front of the al-Sleimani mosque as worshippers left the building after their evening prayers. The second car blew up only fifteen minutes later on the other side of the same street.


  • Both military and civilian personnel were amongst the victims of the blast and according to the spokeswoman for the local al-jala hospital, about 27-30 people have lost their lives and there is every tendency for the number to rise. It is not clear who was behind the bloodshed or why it happened but BBC’s North Africa’s reporter, Rana Jawad says many of these bombings go unclaimed.





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