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The electric powered vehicles might just be something to look forward to as a Chinese startup automaker has unveiled the plans to release the world’s  most intelligent and smartest car to the global auto market by 2019. The electric powered and autonomous vehicle which was shown at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show is geared towards being a computing device on wheels as it incorporates a digital lounge which features a panoramic display acting as a hub for navigation, entertainment and even monitoring the health of its occupants.





Byton which is led by former executives from Tesla, BMW, Apple and Google,  is expected to launch in China by 2019 and in the United States and Europe by 2020.

Daniel Kirchert, President and co-founder of the startup said in a recent report release that the product is tailor-made for the future and is autonomous and shared. The Byton car will use facial recognition to unlock and adapt to the driver and offer a range of other ways to interact including voice control with Amazon Alexa, touch and gesture. It will include 5G connectivity to the internet cloud and improve its functions with artificial intelligence.


The car  which gets its name from the words, “bytes on wheels’’ will face competition from others in its class like the Tesla level 3 but with edges like travelling 300 miles before needing a recharge, being able to top up its battery in 15-30 minutes and a selling price of $45,000 as opposed to the $100,000 most cars in its class sell for, it would indeed become the most advanced car in the world by 2020.









Hindustan Times



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