Picking a car color, for some people honestly is as important as picking a car brand or model. The emotions or desires tied to it are way more than a third party can imagine. A lot of people just pick car colors at the spur of the moment, depending on their level of immediate want while some consider their individual personalities before picking one. Only very few people consider long term the effects such car colors could possibly have.

What everyone needs to bear in mind before picking out a particular kind of color for their car is that various colors have various levels of durability as the years wear on. Also, the resale value of different cars are different based on the color. That explains why cars colors that are mostly avoided by people when the cars are still brand new tend to score a bigger point with buyers when they are up for resale.


The most popular car color according to a study carried out by Axalta in 2014 is white. This is mostly because of the myths attached to the color. Silver followed closely because that color in a car is very good at hiding dents and dirts. Detailing on a silver car could also be very easy. But a major reason why people have stuck to those colors is because of the advantages an owner stands to get when trying to sell it or trade it in for another model.


According to a recent study by research and data company iSeeCars, the average car depreciated by about 30 percent during the first three years of ownership. In the same period, orange and yellow cars lost only about 22 percent of their value. Indeed, in an analysis of 1.6 million vehicles, orange and yellow cars depreciated less than those painted any other color. Green was the next best at about 25 percent depreciation. Jane Harrington, manager of color and styling, automotive OEM coatings for PPG, once posited that people are often attracted by bright, exciting colors but wind up picking milder shades.

“A car is such a major expenditure for most people that they are not willing to take chances with a color that might hurt resale value.”

Next time when you are trying to get a car and you intend to sell it off later on, keep in mind that some colors would do you more good than others.


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