CARS 101

…Guiding you through every car detail.



Honestly, knowing your car might not earn you a million Naira, but it might save you thousands of Naira and the pain of being duped by shady mechanics that might tell you your car needs a new engine when all it really needs is for you to change the brake oil.


Lets guide you through a few car component names and meanings (in simple english) so the next time you visit the mechanic’s , you won’t be completely oblivious to all that’s being said.


MAJOR COMPONENTS: These parts are regarded as the most important parts of any vehicle.


Engine: Regarded as the heart or powerhouse of a car, the engine utilizes various kinds of fuel as energy in order to create the mechanical power with which a car should perform. Should the engine of your car have the slightest malfunction, then you are going… well, nowhere.


…a standard V12 engine


Transmission (Often referred Gearbox): Is a machine in a power transmission system which provides controlled application of the power. It’s attached to the engine and ensures that the engine and wheels turn in sync with each other. The transmissions in all vehicles are either manual or automatic.

…an automatic transmission


Brake System: It stalls a car’s motion by absorbing its energy thereby slowing or stopping the car speed. When applied, hydraulic fluid is transmitted to the wheels and the stall is accomplished through friction.

…the brake system


Drive Axle: Called the axle, drive axle or axle shaft, is a large bar that connects the wheels of the vehicle to each other and also ensures the transmission of adequate rotating force to each wheel depending on the number of wheel drive the vehicle is. It also maintains the position of the wheels relative to each other and to the body of the car. The number of axles vary in front wheel, rear wheel and all wheel drives.


…a four-wheel drive axle


Chassis: This is the skeleton, base frame or structure on which a car is built to keep it stiff and together. Various kinds of chassis include the rolling chassis, monocoque chassis, ladder chassis and backbone chassis each with its unique structure and adapted for different purposes.


…Ford F-150 Ladder Chassis


Wheels: This is a circular object which in a car includes the rim and tires. It revolves around the axle and is fixed below the vehicle to enable it move over the ground.  The rim is a metal frame on the outer edge that holds the tire in place.  

…wheels- rims and tires


Excited about knowing your car? Watch out for the next article in this series.


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