Ever tried selling you dearly beloved car only to hear that it can’t be bought at the price you would like? The potential buyer states that the value of your car is not up to par with the market value for other cars of the same brand and model. And this leaves you grumpy and heart broken.

Here are a few reasons why this could have or can be your story.


  • SMOKING IN YOUR CAR: Not only smokers are liable to die young, the value of your car is too. Smoking in your car creates an unpleasant smell which will eventually seep into the upholstery, it also put your seats and carpets at risk of having permanent burn marks. Who likes a defaced car upholstery? No one!



  • MAKEOVER POWDER STAINS:  Having your spouse or girlfriend in the car can be beautiful, but the brown finger/ lipstick marks constantly planted on the car upholstery are not as beautiful. This puts the car at the risk of stains that can be difficult to get rid of and that never looks good.



  • UNNECESSARY MODIFICATIONS AND FACELIFT:  Body graphics, ridiculous height suspension, flaps, modified exhaust pipes. They all look good, but the market for modified cars is painfully slim. You might like it and your buyer might not. Plus some of these things become dated after a while.



  • WASHING YOUR CAR WITH DETERGENTS:  Using dishwashing liquid or detergents on your car is a huge crime against it. The solvents and salt in these detergents will strip away the wax from your bodywork of your car, encouraging paint layers to flake off and rust to attack. Rather, spend your money on professional car cleaning shampoos. You can give them to any car washing individual you patronize for a daily wash; not only will it keep your car cleaner, but it will also maintain the colour and quality of the interior. Also, using professional dashboard cleaner will keep your dashboard darker and more shiny.




  • EATING IN YOUR CAR:  Pretty much everyone is guilty of this. The truth is eating and drinking in the car puts the car at the risk of stains and smells that could be difficult to get rid of and this does more harm than good to the value of your car. So the next time you see that freshly fried puff puff, drive away!

Care about your car and its value? Act like it!

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