The moment your car starts to make some loud noises or show some unusual smoke signs, that is it rearing its attention-seeking streak.

Your car ideally is supposed to release smoke from some of its components when it is at work. The outlet location, intensity in terms of thickness and frequency as well as color however could be the thin line between a well functioning car and one that needs attention.


Here’s what your dear car is trying to tell you through some of its smoke releases:


White Smoke from exhaust pipe: This smoke color is a result of the normal condensation that builds in the exhaust system. If it is a thin like vapour, you are safe. If it’s thick and pretty much, then engine coolant or water is being vapourized in the combustion chamber. If not given attention, it could lead to damaged cylinder head, blown head gasket and cracked engine block.


White smoke from diesel engines when started: If your vehicle runs on diesel and a lot of thick, white smoke is emitted when the engine is started, it means the fuel pumping injection timing has stopped working, air filter is clogged, engine is overheating or there is an oil leak on exhaust system.


Blue smoke from exhaust pipe: The car engine oil is being burned or atomized. This could result from too high engine oil level, oil mixing with air to fuel ratio, or worn piston rings, valves or cylinders.


Black or grey smoke: This could be coming from incomplete fuel combustion which could be a result of clogged air filter, carburetor, choke, fuel injection or emission system malfunction, ignition timing off, blocked manifold or there is an oil leak on exhaust system.


White Smoke from under the car hood: This could mean low coolant level or a coolant leak from holes in either hose or car radiator which could result in engine overheating.

Has your car been speaking to you? Listen closely and take the necessary action by seeking professional help.

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