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Life hacks are tricks, shortcuts, skills, or novelty methods that increase productivity and efficiency in all walks of life. They are used in all aspects of life, they help people try out new things, maintain the things they have, create new things from old ones, repair things they could have thrown away and all out make life better. However, Nigerians are becoming more familiar with some of these life hacks especially the younger generation. Today, we’ll be looking at car hacks that many people don’t know about but have proven to be easier for car owners by helping them manage problems that mechanics will extort them for. They will be discussed below;


  • Use Toothpaste to clean cloudy headlights. Yea yea i know you’re surprised but it’s true. Toothpaste especially whitening ones are very good for cleaning foggy headlights. Foggy headlights can cause hazards, especially if you drive often after dark or in foggy conditions. Apply toothpaste to the plastic lens cover with a cloth and thoroughly rub it in all over the lens. Then rinse off completely with clean water and dry. For further protection use a furniture polish or car wax with UV protection.

                    Wow!! The difference is clear..


  • Use wet newspaper to get your old registration sticker off your windscreen. Out of date registration stickers can be very irritating! Sometimes they can feel like they’ve been set in the glass when trying to take them off. But no need to worry, wet newspaper will do the trick. Soak the paper in warm water and place over the reg. sticker for 10 minutes. This lets the warm water penetrate the sticker that it will almost fall off into your hands.
  • Use nail polish to fix tiny scratches on your car. A little child use scratch your car with a stone? Don’t kill the child, with nail polish you’ll fix it in few minutes. Use a nail polish in the exact shade of your car to keep your car as good as new, until you’re ready for a repaint.
  • Use a plunger to remove small dents. Keyword “small” don’t carry a plunger and say you want to “plunge” out huge, massive dents, you’ll only kill yourself and waste your energy because they won’t come out. But the small ones can be sucked out with the plunger. If you don’t know what a plunger is, please check a dictionary or better still google is your friend.
  • Clean your engine yourself, without stress. With the right household supplies, cleaning your engine is simple and takes only a few minutes. Before starting, be sure to cover your battery and air intake with plastic. After those are covered, pour some dishwasher soap on the engine, give it a quick scrub with a soft bristled brush and rinse it with a soft rag.
  • Replace broken fan belt with socks or pantyhose. If your fan belt cuts and you’re in a helpless situation where you can’t call for help or the nearest mechanic workshop is too far and you’re too broke to call a towing service. Well, all hope is not lost you can use a socks or pantyhose to hold it till you can get to the nearest mechanic workshop.
  • Use gum as a temporary fix for a hole in your fuel tank. It pays to chew gum sometimes or even have them in your car especially if by chance your fuel tank starts leaking. For a temporary fix before you take it to your mechanic, chew some gum well then use a rag to wipe out the area around the leak until it as dry as possible then apply the gum.


So that’s it for the car hacks, but because I’m so sweet and I know you guys will find these hacks useful I’ll add two more.. Yea yea, you’re welcome…


  • Use hair conditioner to give your car a new look. Did you know that your hair conditioner can give your car a new waxed and buffed look from the comfort of your home? After washing your car with a tiny amount of liquid wash, use a microfiber cloth (if you don’t know the meaning, please check the dictionary) soaked in hair conditioner to wipe all over the car before rinsing it, voila!!! Shine shine baby.. Everyone will notice the difference.
  • This last one is a very selective car tip but we will share it because we found it interesting. For those of you that have the feature of seat warmer in your car.. You can warm your pizza with it on your way home with your friends.. Try it and give me a feedback.


So, that’s the the end of this article. We hope you find these hacks useful, some of them are very simple while others will require some experience with manual activities. To be able to do various life hacks generally you have to be good with your hands, willing to practice if you’re not and open to learning new things. Goodluck with “hacking” your car.

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