CARS 102

…guiding you through every car part detail


Remember what we said about knowing your car being the best way to gain control over the experiences you have with the car and shady mechanics?

We continue today with parts of the car and what they mean. Some you might have heard before, others you have no clue about.


Decklid: The cover over a trunk or boot in a motor vehicle.



Grille: A metal frame in front of the vehicle that protects the radiator and engine and also allows air into the vehicle’s engine compartment.



Rocker Panels: These are located by the side of the vehicle between the front and rear openings just below the door. They act as roof supports, connect the front and rear of your car and also are steps for getting into the car.




Spoilers/air dams: Visible in either the front or rear of vehicles, the spoilers are aerodynamic devices that stall or ‘spoil’ unfavourable wind from moving across the car while it is in motion. They come in variants and while some are meshed into the vehicle structure, others stand out distinctively.



Valances: Located just underneath the rear bumper, they both have similar looks. While some automakers adapt valances as beauty accessories, others incorporate fog lights and grilles in them to enable a desired temperature under the car hood.

Stay tuned to this page for more on car parts and what they mean.




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