…the smart way out!


What better way is there to start the new year than with new and comfort giving items?

New resolutions, new habits, new clothes and maybe even a new car.


A new car might sound like an impossibility considering your bank account, but with the trade-in option from Cars45, you dreams can come true.



Here is how it works:


  • You start with an online booking for a free car  evaluation where you pick a suitable date, time and inspection center from any of our numerous Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt centers depending on the one which is closest to you.
  • Next, you visit one our trade-in  partner-Carsbazr’s yard to pick the car choice you’d like to upgrade to.
  • Then you drive your old car to the inspection center on the stipulated date with its relevant documents to get the free car inspection done.

Following the most transparent inspection process you will find, is the price negotiation for your old car and the new one. In the event that the prices are accepted by you, your old car is bought by Cars45.

  • You then pay the existent price difference between the old car and the new one and finally, you can drive home in style


Getting upgraded in the New Year doesn’t get better or easier than this, don’t be left out, trade in your car today!


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