For the honour your car deserves, for the love of its outstanding simplicity and the aura it possesses, your car should be able to command respect even in the face of traffic officials who pose to be hungry for faults and incomplete documents of every car. In order to maintain this, it is paramount for every driver or owner to possess the required and up-to-date documents when purchasing or selling any type of car.

In this post today, we will be guiding you through Cars45 Updated processes. It is important to note that this process applies to every car owner who wishes to sell his car to Us. Not forgetting the fact that your car MUST be in good condition as no sane person will want to buy a deformed car.




1. Proof of Ownership: if you are selling to us, it is mandatory you have this. Every Car owner must possess this document.

2. Allocation of Plate Number: After series of licence plate theft and issues surrounding it, we have decided to make this a top priority.

3. Vehicle License: This document contains Chassis Number, Plate Number, Car Brand among others4

4. A Valid I.D Card: In this Category, every seller is expected to provide two  Categories of Identification.

  • Government Issued Means of Identification. Eg: National Id Card, International Passport, Driver’s Licence or Voter’s card.
  • Secondary Means of Identification. I.e: Work I.d, Social Club I.d, School I.d, etc

5. Car Customs: If your car was imported into the country, you will be needing a car customs certificate.

6. Purchase Receipt: If your Car was bought from an accredited Car dealership in Nigeria. Eg. Dana Motors, Elizade, Briscoe etc.

Note: Your car cannot have both documents ie 5 and 6, its either Customs certificate or purchase receipt.



1.Police CMR (Central Motor Registry)

2. Certificate of Insurance: Contains name of Car, type of policy and vehicle owner’s details.

3. Road Worthiness.

If your Car is purchased from a company or transferred to you, i.e. an official Car, there must be a release note from the company stating that the car has been transferred to you.


If you possess the above documents, you are sure to get an inspection after a one day background check on your car. Thereafter, your car will be pushed to auctions where the best price for your car is decided. After a series of agreement, your bank account gets credited almost immediately.


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