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The good news is if you’re a car person and your true passion is cars (which many of us at cars45 are, hence the writing of this article), there’s a pretty good chance you will be able to match your passion with your job.

Most people would love to pursue their passions: driving, travelling, international tours and so on. There are some who are interested in something that pay their bills and give them an edge over others.

In this, we will be talking about cars and how much of they fit into each profession in the Nigerian setting.


Real Estate Agent

Cars: Lexus RX330/BMW X3/Toyota RAV4 (2010)

When you want to project an air of success without coming across too flashy, it is advisable to start with SUVs as this. Your very presence will not only command respect but will also announce integrity. Your house-hunting passengers as well as contractors will appreciate a smooth and quiet ride in your adorable SUV as you cruise through the bumpy roads of Lagos and other pot-hole overwhelmed areas of the country. The added seat height will help them see over the hedges even as they sit at the passenger’s confines and not behind the steering wheel.


Cars: BMW X2/Toyota Avalon/Ford Explorer (2015)

More like a car that can defend itself as a result of its radical nature, the BMW X2 stands out among its counterparts. But there are other cars that stand threatening and fitting for an attorney especially in Nigeria, where appearances are explained by automobile specs. The Toyota Avalon and the Ford Explorer fit into this category; owing to the fact that it is roomy for your robe and those voluminous files. It also adds a mouth watering flavour to the golden wig profession.

Government Workers

Cars: Toyota Camry/Honda Accord/ Hyundai Accent (2010)

Being a Government worker exposes one to the world in one aspect or another as government positions have a reputation for offering a great deal of class and style with automobiles; you are either at a public speaking or planning a campaign for the government. The comfortability in these cars add value to their personality as they(Government workers) benefit from the government in one way or another. These cars are either given to them as compensation for their works in service or taken on loan while they pay a stipulated amount monthly or annually.


Cars: Ford Expedition/Mercedes Benz GL-class/Toyota Highlander


A doctor has a flare for cars, most doctors are seen cruising in one SUV or another as they stick their stethoscope against the rear mirror for a show-off. These doctors are either workers for the government built hospitals where they work tirelessly but receive a salary not worth the stress or private hospital medical practitioners where they get paid the most either by home service, surgery or by contributing their quota by travelling to and fro to perform medical tasks.

Their taste for SUVs are based on their professionality as they (Doctors) love it when their presence makes the noise and not the words of their mouth



Cars: Honda Ridgeline/Toyota Tundra (2011)

Trucks represent a relatively affordable play on superb fuel economy with an adequate electric range. But engineers can’t help but appreciate the harmony orchestrated between a truck’s electric and gasoline powertrains on the inside and the keep up with tools and machines on the outside. As they drive to sites, workshops and project fields, their every presence is a combination of ruggedity and class.


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