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Intrigue, drama, suspense and comedy are important qualities that make up a great movie, but often, it’s the characters who become the most memorable. Whether you realize it or not, some of the most iconic characters in cinema history were not people – they were CARS!

Movies that were about cars and their drivers are often adventurous, thrilling, and always cool. These are movies that ignite your desire for the open road or at least a long drive on a sunny afternoon. Since 1970, Cinema Vehicles have had the privilege to work on some of the movies we find spectacularly outstanding. This has given rise to quite a number of car movies produced and directed either to boost car sales or to enhance the models and the drivers ability by infusing techniques that are almost impossible but entertaining.

Today, we will be taking you through family love and the quest for survival against all odds.




Though Taken is a 2008 English-language French action thriller film, it is followed by two other sequels which makes it a trilogy. Our main focus is on the third and final installment which stars former covert operative Bryan Mills who is set-up for a crime he didn’t commit; the death of his ex-wife(Lenore).


He resists and escapes police grasp due to his military experience, he then retires to a safe place equipped with weapons and surveillance electronics. He retraces Lenore’s travels to a remote gas station convenience store and finds surveillance footage of her being abducted by unidentified men with unique hand tattoos. He overpowers them and discovers that his ex-wife’s husband is responsible for his ex-wife’s death. He pursues him to the airport – after destroying the landing gear, preventing the plane from taking off, he overpowers him but doesnt kill him after series of pleas from his daughter.



The Taken movie featured a number of Luxurious cars, from sedan to SUV. We will be highlighting the cars and the strength it carries; talk about its popularity and its recognition in the automobile world.

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Bryan’s Car (2013 Toyota Camry) before he was setup


Lenore’s (Bryan’s ex-wife) car. Bryan hacks into the car, downloading the trip history to find his ex-wife’s killer.


One of Stuart’s (Lenore’s new Husband) car. Bryan uses it to foil his flight plan after he discovers that he is responsible for Lenore’s death an that he plans to kidnap his daughter.


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