#Cars45 Newsletter


We are no doubt Nigeria’s leading auto auctioning service with a sustained reputation for almost 2 years – expanding inspection centers and increasing the inventory of used cars. “Cars are bought daily and we look to buying more, it is a system that we can proudly say has gotten us to the top in the Nigerian Auto market.” Mohammed Iyamu, V.P, Trading.

The process of buying cars is supported by the trading team, this team is responsible for the purchase of cars on auction. With assistance from the dealer managers, another subgroup that communicate with certified & trained dealers regarding cars on auction at the different inspection centers.



Majority of Nigerians are scared of purchasing Nigerian used cars due to the recklessness of past owners/driver, incomplete documentation and poorly maintained roads, Cars45 has devised a means to put such worries to rest. 

Our 200 point vehicle inspection is another quality service, this is an avenue where any car intended for sale are carefully inspected by our inspection officers, a detailed report follows afterwards and is shown to the customer (Seller).

“Our cars have a detailed and updated report, perfectly outlined by our inspection officers in all of our centres. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to reports a positive feedback awaits you. Our dealers have helped maintain our integrity” Mohammed said.

Auctions run at different centers with the highest bidder, who is in no doubt a registered dealer, winning the rights to purchase the car.  

Auctions run every 30 minutes.

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