#Knowing Cars45

The strength and eligibility of a business firm is coordinated by the customer service; the string of calls and an avalanche of Emails to reply in order to keep customers updated is not an easy task.

Although it can take extra resources, time and money, good customer service leads to customer satisfaction which can generate positive word-of-mouth for your business, keep your customers happy and encourage them to patronize your business again.


Joy Enoche. Cars45 Customer Service Representative


This and so much more are reasons why the customer service unit never rests; holidays and weekends are a a busy and scheduled day for them, a number of calls are placed to confirm customer’s interest. A quality seen and experienced in the Cars45 Customer service unit.

“Good Morning, this is Cars45, how may we be of help to you today?” is the voice you are most likely to hear anytime you call-in to book an inspection or make enquiries with Cars45. Not forgetting that being a customer service representative requires a lot of patience and good communication skills, some customers could call to ask questions and keep going back and forth, hence arousing anger but patience is key for every customer care representative who wishes to.


Joseph Anozie, Team Lead, Cars45 Customer Service


“We are a group of highly skilled individuals with a standard and updated orientation of business and customer satisfaction. It is also important to note that the idea of being a customer service representative is a driven passion, you must be able to understand and read your customers.” Joseph Anozie, Team Lead, Cars45 Customer Service said.

While calls are being recorded and monitored by the customer service team, they also verify documents and control the traffic of customers who wish to sell their Cars, directing them to the inspection centres closest to them.


Cars45 Customer Service Team.


“For every customer that calls in, there is a record, we give updated information about cars as well as information relating to our services and our vast Inspection centers across the nation. We also make sure we are never lagging. Excellence is our watchword and we are always alert to deliver this; Call in today and you will confirm this outstanding standard.” Solomon Adinebo, Head, customer service said.


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