It was a day of positive impact for the graduates of the Cars45 Merchant Academy on Friday 9th March, 2018 as they were successfully initiated into the Cars45 dealership family. The successful initiation meant they could take part in all dealer exercises, win a car on auction, make transactions and get their commission. they could even get rewarded based on their car sales annually.

Anchored by Solomon Adinebo, Head of Customer Service who was the Former Vice Chancellor of the Academy. With the opening speech and briefing done by Chuks Anyanwu,Head of Sales and the new Vice Chancellor of the Academy, he enlightened the graduates on how well they can be more successful being a dealer.



It was also an induction of new merchants into the academy, where intending merchants go through Eight weeks training, indicates interest, acquires Access ID, web Inventory as well as inventory link.

Etop Ikpe, CEO, Cars45 congratulated the newly inducted merchants and spoke highly of the graduates. Speaking on Cars45 he emphasized on transparency and trust.

“When buying a nigerian used Car, you should expect expenses and cars45 will breakdown the analysis of ny car you wish to buy from us in a transparent customer relation. There is no one chance here, we create a customer value situation.”

Addressing the new merchants, he enlightened them saying the good thing about the Merchant Academy Exercise is ‘Learning and Earning’

“As you come in, have it in mind that it is not about sales, it is about building your knowledge. The idea of the academy is to overwhelm merchants wit enthusiastic vibe and put them through the idea of buying and selling. Cars45 is a sector built on referral and the people surrounding it are overtly transparent. The reason why we run the merchant program is because we understand that there are cars needed for use and sale everyday”


Shortly after, success stories were shared by old dealers. however, one weighty and inspirational story was that of EmmaDave who shared his grass to grace success story.

“I started with #150,000 and today, i can boast of over 4. Million Naira. I have sold over 225 cars in 7 months and none has been returned; this is as a result of my honesty and transparency, thanks to cars45.”

He advised the new dealers to be honest and prayerful.

“No one is too small to get you a deal for a car” he said

Certificates were awarded and the LSETF loan scheme was discussed for merchants who might have financial challenges.

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