Precautionary measures, especially for matters that can potentially incur legal consequences for all parties involved is a factor that should not be downplayed no matter how seemingly trivial.

The reason for the Cars45 updated car buying process, judging from the above should however not be far fetched considering that if you are going to get to do something, you do it right so you can sleep well at night.

Only a few things have been tweaked in our process and they do not compromise the fact that we are still Africa’s foremost car buying company and we pay attention to customer convenience and consciousness of time.


Here is what the new process entails and we have saddled ourselves with the responsibility of informing you about it beforehand so you are guarded with the knowledge of it should you decide to sell your car at any of our Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt centers and all you still have is the knowledge of the old process.

1.Go to to book an appointment

2. Drive into the nearest inspection center

3. Present your complete vehicle documents and a valid ID for verification

4. If your documents do not check out or are not in your name, there will be a waiting period of 24 hours for document verification and confirmation before your car can be inspected.

5. After your documents have been verified, your car is inspected.

6. The car is then placed on auction

7. After the auction process, you are given a price offer

8. Once you accept the offer, payment is made.

9. If you ask a proxy to bring your car for inspection, we require that you come in personally to sign off before payment is made, after you accept the price offer


It is still a pretty easy but most importantly safe and transparent process for you as a customer and we as a firm. In the end, we both emerge satisfied winners.


…sell any Car in 45 minutes.

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