Hey 80/90’s kids, get in here and let us take a short but very jolly ride down memory lane.

We had so many unique things in common while growing up in those decades, some of which we still smile about when the memories cross our minds. One of those are our animations, the characters and the fantasies they exuded that we solely believed in until… we grew up! Honestly if you can, don’t grow up. Not only is it a trap, it ruins everything.

Today, I’ll be writing on the very popular fictional cars that either had super powers or were the main characters which their respective plots revolved around. Smile all you like and share with a friend as you read. That’s what memories are for anyways.


Lightning McQueen (Cars)

This hotshot, typical race car, cool stud is not only the star of his movie, he can drive himself. Apart from his fancy engine, his racing abilities can win a good number of car races and he’s really fun to hang out with. Knowing how well loved he is by children, the sequel of Cars which is Cars 3 is now under development to ensure he doesn’t fizzle out.  


Cool much?


The Flintstones’ Flintmobile

Remember those archaic looking guys that wear near-rags and live in caves? Exactly, Fred, Wilma, Barney, Bam Bam and the rest of them? I’m sure you remember their car too. Made of wood, stones and clothes, we are impressed they could come up with such an environment-friendly concept car in their time. Oops factor though, it’s lack of engine made it a ride that ran on Freddie’s feets as he had to drag it wherever he went. And you guessed right, the vintage Flintmobile never evolved!





Magic School Bus

Maybe the most amazing factor about Ms Frizzle’s yellow school bus was that it could transform itself from a normal school bus into any vehicle of your choice or its ability to transport Ms Frizzle’s pupils to any destination whatsoever. A trip via magic bus has the potential to be dangerous, but in the words of Ms. Frizzle: “Take chances, make mistakes and get messy!”

want to go on a field trip?


Batmobile (Batman)

It would be sheer injustice to not mention this badass, cool, superhero car. This Batman’s cool car comes equipped with machine guns, rock-hard armor and remote control capabilities. Oh yeah, and an extra set of propane tanks that fuel a built-in rocket engine.


does a lot more than you think.


Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine

This is probably the longest and most ancient of them all, having lived for 45 full years. It is not very fancy though, cannot speak, cannot fly but it did serve its owners. They never went anywhere if it wasn’t in this van, this was how they got their mysteries solved, stashed their scooby snacks and that is why kids think every adventurous trip should be done in this.

…c’mon Scooby Doo! we have some work to do now.


You can add your top fictional cars in the comment section below. Don’t stop the fun!!


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