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That fireball over there, that one blazing so wide that it has become a spectacle for every passerby and even you can’t move an inch closer, that was your car. It just started with an ember that caught you unawares and now, the fire is unstoppable leaving you wondering how and why it all started.

No matter how expensive or loved your car is, your life and that of other road users should be the primary thing to look out for when you are doing all you can to prevent a car fire. Not every car fire starts small to give you enough room to escape before it escalates. What if it starts with a bang while you’re driving it? What you should know however is that no car fire just happens without valid causes. Your car must have been giving off all sorts of red flags bordering from mechanical to the ones you created yourself because of your neglect or honest ignorance. Why not love yourself enough to live by doing all you can to avoid a car fire?




Improper Maintenance: The issue of constant and proper check and services on every part of the car cannot be overemphasised. Failing to maintain a car so that it is in proper shape can result in a fire or further aggravate a fire that started due to various other reasons. Basic inspections can be carried by car owners. Brakes should be checked whether they are working properly. Tires should be checked for over or under inflation. Steering systems and suspension should be checked regularly. Fluid levels should be up to the mark.

Any vehicle failure should be taken care of immediately. Proper maintenance will ensure that the car should not undergo any accident owing to any mechanical failure. Therefore, chances of fire can be averted considerably.

Aftermarket Accessories (spare parts): The Ladipo spare parts market located in Mushin which is run by Igbo boys is not strange to many car owners in Lagos I presume. Most people go there to just pick a replacement for their car part that needs change without checking to see if it is really compatible with their car or not. Most times it is because of the low cost but how about knowing that doing that could cause an accident? Many of the aftermarket accessories that car owner install inside their vehicles draw power from the electrical wiring of the car. This might turn out to be dangerous since these accessories might run on a different fuse capacity other than the electrical wiring.

Overheated Catalytic Converters: The catalytic converters and the exhaust systems of cars emit tremendous amounts of heat. This heat generated can melt the plastic components of the car. This will not only cause extreme damage to the catalytic converter, but also to the car. Even though the car is designed in such a way that it can cope with the temperature of the catalytic converter and the exhaust system. However, continuous emissions and heat can turn out to be dangerous and result in a fire.

Car Accidents: Some cars break into a fire just after they rammed into someone or something. Most times, this is as a result of where the most impact was sustained on the car. For instance, if it was by the fuel tank, a leakage could occur and although there are special metals to protect such sensitive car parts, they are not exactly immune to destruction in the face of some circumstances.

In such a situation, the best thing you can do for yourself is to leave the car and move as far away as possible before the fire gets to you.

Love your life. Even if a car fire happens, let it not be because of reasons you could very well avoid.


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