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Being the biggest technology show globally, the Consumer Electronics Show which is held anually at Las Vegas constantly witnesses a myriad of concepts and play out of technological ideas, some of which are the first as well as the last of their kinds.

This year was no different, especially for several automakers who rolled out various high standard autonomous, electrified cars as well as high tech gadgets from partnerships with technological firms just to stay ahead of competition.

Here’s a list of some of the futuristic concept cars as well as their features:


Nissan Leaf -powered coffee

With the Leaf, you can power your home electrically with the car’s battery using the vehicle-to-home charging concept. The Leaf when connected to a macchiato machine and a printer can give you a cup of coffee with your face’s picture on the froth! This one is a major head start for electric vehicles.



Ford Fusion -autonomous Dominos delivery car

Ford displayed a self-driving Fusion that was put to trial by autonomously delivering Domino’s Pizza in Michigan. Customers accessed their cheese-lathered deliveries by inputting a code to open a special hatch in the back of the car.



Mercedes Benz -three word navigation

Navigation system ‘What3Words’ has been in development since 2013. With the launch of the Mercedes- Benz User Experience, CES was the first chance to try it in a mainstream production car. Essentially, What3Words carves the world up into three-metre squares, with each assigned a unique three-word code – easier to remember than postcodes, and opening up navigation in places where such things don’t exist. Simply say the code and the voice-controlled MBUX will guide you to that square.



Kia’s 5G Connection

Kia’s stand featured a series of interior dashboard concepts for autonomous connected cars. One demonstrated the marque’s 5G mobile technology, using it for a live link-up with Kia HQ in Seoul. The ultra-fast 5G connection would allow for incredibly quick data transfer to and from a car, essential for self-driving vehicles (and for streaming TV shows for people not driving them).


Harman’s Shape Shifting Speaker

Samsung subsidiary Harman has developed a configurable entertainment system, designed to ensure passengers in Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing services can enjoy their audio preferences. The most dramatic part is the firm’s shape-shifting speakers. Users can take a picture-based personality test to determine if their preferences match the Harman Kardon or JBL hi-fi brands – with the speakers changing shape accordingly. No, really, there is a difference: a JBL speaker features a deeper cone, giving it a more bassy sound.

Another Harman concept was the Moodscape system that adjusts the in-car experience, complete with an OLED Mood roof screen. After all, why have a sunroof when you can watch a ‘visual experience’ on a massive TV above you instead?


Other concept vehicles and technology on display include:

Panasonic’s Living Space Autonomous Cabin.

WayRay’s augmented-reality holographic head-up display



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