Christmas Trip “Worthy” Cars

Wow!! With every passing day, Christmas gets closer and closer. I can already feel the vibe!! From christmas lights, music and churches organizing carols to frenzy in the market: Shopping and shopping, clothes, shoes and all that. Christmas means different things to different people. For some it means time to up their slay game with new fashion items, for others it means time to go home and see their family and those relatives they haven’t seen in a while. For yet another set, it is a time to travel to their villages and show off their wealth and the new things they’ve acquired during the year (such as their cars). Today, we’ll talking about the best cars to use for that Christmas trip. Yes, I’m talking to those my people that must always travel every Christmas, some travel to various holiday spots around the country and the world while others make it a call of duty to visit their village. Just in case you’re thinking of buying a new car to show off, there are some very good ones that will serve you on your long road trip to your village. We all know the problems with Nigerian roads and the fact that you’ll be sitting for a long time in your car with your family. It is imperative that you make the right choice of a car that will tick these important boxes and get you to your destination safely and without hassles. The suitable cars will be addressed below;


SUVs: SUVs are Sports Utility Vehicles characterized by rugged features suitable for off road conditions. SUVs are not only rugged but are durable and in this Nigerian bad road condition, it is a good fit for your trip as they are sure to take you to your destination and bring you back home safely. SUVs also have ample space for your family and those extra baggages you want to carry for your trip. SUVs have different price ranges and can be afforded by both middle income and high income earners. So, you can buy an SUV without breaking your back. Toyota Highlander is a good choice if you wish to buy an SUV; there is ample space, it is very rugged and durable and even better has a good fuel consumption rate which is very good especially if you’re going on a long distance journey. Ford expedition is another good choice, it boasts of a very large space. So if you have children and lots of load to carry, there is enough space for you as it has 3 rows that can carry 8 passengers. It is equally rugged and durable. The fuel consumption is average but it has an intimidating figure; you can use your ford expedition to announce your arrival as soon as you get to your village (for those that care about that).

2015 Toyota Highlander


2017 Ford Expedition


Interior of the Ford expedition.


Minivans: Minivans are very good for road trips especially if you have a big family. For your Christmas trip, a minivan is good because your children can sit comfortably with your luggages well packed. Toyota Sienna is a very good minivan, it is a chief in its class of vehicles and is the preferred choice of a lot of people. However, it is not an SUV and should not be used frequently on off road conditions, but for the purpose of your christmas trip you can service it appropriately and it will serve you well for your trip. You have to be mindful of the door handles as they have the tendency to break. For your trip, also ensure the air conditioning is working perfectly as only the front seat windows can be rolled down to avoid suffocation of people at the back.


2017 Toyota Sienna.

Mid-sized sedans: These are the normal cars we see frequently on our roads, they have mid-sized space and are used for a limited number of people. These types of cars are useful for the trips of single people with their friends or a newly married couple or a couple with just one or two children because of space. The fewer people the better so there will be enough space for your luggages. Toyota Camry is an excellent choice in this class, it is sturdy and fuel efficient and also very roomy. Three important qualities for cars to be used for road trips. It equally has a beautiful exterior and can “announce” you to your haters when you arrive at the village.

2015 Toyota Camry

That’s all for Christmas trip worthy cars. If you notice, I kept making reference to the village for those who wish to be announced or to show that they have arrived, not because that is the only place to go during christmas but because people that have something to prove usually show themselves in the village. So if you’re looking to buy a car to satisfy your various whims. Don’t forget: “ruggedity, space and fuel efficiency” are the three most important factors. If you’re looking for a good car to buy for your Christmas trip, Cars45 is the right and best option. Better still, you want a new car to pepper them but you don’t have enough money?? You can trade-in your car with us, find out more on our website.

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