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Today we will be talking about funny inscriptions on vehicles especially commercial vehicles. We’ve all seen vehicles around, both on and off the roads that have all these funny quotes written on them at one point or the other. These quotes are funny probably because of their wrong spelling, sentence construction, grammatical errors, or they may even be grammatically correct but are just outrightly funny or thay they have this very hilarious element of irony in these inscriptions. Sometimes I see some quotes and I seriously wonder what was going through the mind of the driver, conductor and whoever that painted it when they were making the inscriptions on the vehicle. Definitely, it made sense to them and they most likely didn’t intend it for humour but those of us that get to see these inscriptions find them very hilarious. Seeing one of these quotes can literally put a person out of a bad mood and just brighten a person’s day. We’ll look at some of these quotes below;  

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Lol… seriously??


“Please overtake quietly… Passengers are asleep”. Seriously?? Just how on earth are we supposed to overtake quietly? Does that mean we should not horn? I’m just trying to imagine what was in the mind of the driver when he wrote this.

“Pray without seasoning” I’ll like to believe that the bus driver intended to write “Pray without ceasing” but we’ll make do with what we have.. At least we can give him credit for the effort..

“PREPARE TO MEET THY LORD!!!!” Just what did this driver mean by this, is it an evangelical quote or is he indirectly telling us that if we enter his bus we’re going to die??

“If you hear ‘gbooo’ u have hit me” This driver is warning you, please make sure you don’t hit him.

“If you chop I chop, if you chop alone hmmmmm” If I chop alone what will you do sir??

“MY OKWUOTO”– means my SUV. This is seen on a Keke in Enugu. Well, be content with what you have, the keke driver is clearly demonstrating that.. His keke is his SUV..

“Let them Talk” This is seen on a keke. Abi oh!! My brother let them talk, the ones that will talk will talk.. Continue working hard, God bless your hustle!!!

“Obama was here”. Another keke.. Where please, where oh!! Maybe he had a dream or a vision and this is his own way of receiving it in Jesus name!!

“Wole ki o joko oluwa mo ero okan re”  (come in and sit down, God knows your thoughts) I’ll come in and He knows them.. Please oga how does that concern you.. Like I don’t even understand the point of this quote, it seriously confounds me..

“God punish poverty”. Yes oh!! Brother I’m with you on that one.. It is punished in Jesus’ name, AMEN!!!

Now we’ll check the actual pictures of some of these inscriptions…

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This is really the height!!! I couldn’t help but burst into laughter when I saw this.. I’m sure the owners of this vehicle wrote this when Iyanya’s “Your waist” was reigning.

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Yes oh!!! Who born them?? Their father!! My guy is a fine boy without “pimpuse”.. He is feeling fly and his self-confidence is really infectious.

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Lol… serious major lol… Range Rover Sport indeed.. Free the guy abegi.. His bus is his Range and he is unstoppable.. Ride on, Brother!!

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United with who please?? Yourself??

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Mmmm.. we are “trusting” oh!! I’ve been trying to convince myself that this is definitely a typo but I’m having serious doubts.. What do you think??

Image result for no horry in life funny inscription on cars

Yes oh!!! No “Horry” wait for your time…

So, we’ve come to the end of this hilarious ride.. I hope this put a smile on someone’s face.. We’ve all seen some of these inscriptions.. Share the ones you’ve seen in the comments section below, let’s laugh together…

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