The dream of every car owner is to start your car engine and hear it purr like a happy and content kitten. And buyers also seek such noiseless vehicles as nobody wants their entrance announced by loud and embarrassing vibrations before they are seen ( leave that for the Danfo vehicles).

Except of course, you are driving one of those super or hyper cars with exciting feature like incredibly loud vibration, then you can happily make all the noise in the world. After all, you bought it with your money…or not.


But if you own a regular car and it suddenly begins roar, grunt or neigh, you should beware.




Few sounds and what they can possibly mean:

  • Sound: Metal on metal clang or loud squeals when brakes are applied.

          Meaning: The car brake or brake pads are starting to go bad.


  • Sound: Vibrating steering wheel.

          Meaning: The car wheels are unbalanced or unaligned.


  • Sound: Stuttering windshields.

          Meaning: The molding (rubber) around the windshield is wearing out.


  • Sound: Whirring sound from the engine while driving.

          Meaning: Fuel pumps are bad.


  • Sound: Distinct clunking sound after passing a speed bump.

          Meaning: Bad shock absorbers or suspension joints.


  • Sound: Thumping while driving when tires are not flat

          Meaning: The car has been left stationary for a while and sound will stop after car has been driven a few kilometers.


  • Sound: Hissing from engine area while idling.

         Meaning: Rubber or plastic vacuum line maybe leaking or severed.


  • Sound: Screeching or flapping sound from the engine

         Meaning: Slipping fan belts


  • Sound: Noises from around the wheel when turning.

         Meaning: Constant velocity (CV) joints are worn.


  • Sound: Loud bang from the tailpipe

         Meaning: This could mean a backfire resulting from too rich air-fuel mixture. Could also mean catalytic converter is not functioning properly.


The point is if you hear a strange sound coming from your car, it could be dangerous, so get professional help.

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