Local Car Gist #Update


Sir Olutoyin Okeowo is a name barely known by Lagosians and Nigerians. Ask an average Nigerian if he has ever heard of Olu Okeowo, they’ll reply with a dumb look.

Popularly known as the Silent Philanthropist, Sir Okeowo is the owner of the biggest property in parkview, Ikoyi. Palacio De Okeowo as the mansion is fondly called houses up to 8 Rolls Royce and a handful of luxurious cars such as: Mercedes Benz G-wagon, Ferrari and Bentley to mention a few in a luxurious air conditioned garage estimated at #2. Billion.

It was however reported that custom officers raided the billionaire’s Mansion yesterday, the custom officers who were accompanied by gunmen into the premises parted with 5 of the billionaire’s Rolls Royce under the allegations of failure to pay import duties on some of the cars.

It is still uncertain if the billionaire will be prosecuted in the process as eyewitnesses reported that he (Sir. Olutoyin Okeowo) was not around when the officers arrived at his mansion.


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