We are back!

It’s another edition of the ‘Danfo’ series and today, we’ll be focusing on the crazy habits of some passengers that truly should be left at home or not done at all.

If you missed last week’s article, you can read it here

There are some behavior acceptable only in the comfort of your home, but that does not apply to some of the following;

1. Farting: This is unacceptable anywhere public talk less of inside a stuffy ‘Danfo’ bus. Sometimes, the perpetrators of this evil and quick to raise their nose or squeeze their face, well done bros/sis…God is watching you.



2. Picking your nose: this is a truly disgusting habit! Some get so engrossed in this nasal treasure search that they pretty much use all the fingers on one hand, and then roll whatever they dig out in between their fingers and throw it away. Yet some people wonder why I hate shaking others.

3. Chewing in the bus: It’s understandable that you might get hungry in transit, but it’s not enough reason to chew with your mouth open or speak with your mouth full haba! No need spitting food all over a fellow passenger, keep your snacking to yourself.



4. Stretching your arm across the seat behind a fellow passenger: I don’t know why anyone would think its ok to pretty much put your arm around a stranger. Plus half of the time this happens, the armpit of the individual stretching the arm is wet with sweat, now why would anybody want that resting on their shoulder?



Hate it or love it, riding a ‘Danfo’ is always an experience.

Had any crazy ‘Danfo’ experience this week? Do share.

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