There are a lot of signs on a car’s dashboard that could confuse just about anybody. While some are pretty basic and their meanings very obvious, some others are not exactly so. What any driver should bear in mind however is that these signs mean a lot more than fancy colored lights on a dashboard. They are clear indicators that something is right or mostly wrong with your car. Some grave car damages can be averted if only the driver knows or pays attention to dashboard lights.

Here is a simple guide to what some dashboard lights are saying and the steps you should take:


Meaning: Your engine is too hot.

Action plan: Check for overheating.


Meaning: One or more of your tires has too low pressure

Action Plan: Gauge your wheels to ensure pressure is up to standard and apply more where needed.



Meaning: Engine is running low on oil or there is a problem with the car’s oil pressure system.

Action Plan: Add more engine oil or check the oil pressure system.



Meaning: There is an issue with the anti-lock brake system

Action Plan: Issue should be checked and fixed by a professional


Meaning: There is an issue with the anti-skid system and it may shut off completely.

Action Plan: Professional help should be sought.


Pay attention to your dashboard lights more. Especially now that you know what they mean.

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