Happy New Year Folks and T.G.I.F!

The break is finally over and we’re back to talking cars and movies.

A few weeks ago, a friend and her boo went to the cinema to see a movie. She however called a little irritated later to complain that whilst she was excited about the movie plot, her boo was excited about the cars in the movie.

But can we blame the dude? The thrill of driving some super fast or exotiic cars potrayed  in some movies can feel so real, you can almost feel your foot on the pedal.

And one of such movie is…



Death Race   Death Race: 2   Death Race: Inferno   Death Race: 2050   Death Race: Beyond Anarchy

The Death Race series is a car combat franchise set up in prison, where inmates race against each other in order to win their freedom. The Movie centres around a group of inmates who are confined to a penitentiary on a Terminal island, the warden thereby earns her profit by broadcasting a modern gladiator game participated in by the prisoners.

In the movie “Death Race“, the racers, along with their navigators compete in a three-part race over three days on a closed track. The track is littered with pressure plates that activate either the cars’ offensive weapons, defensive equipment or deadly traps. Any racer winning five races will be granted freedom.

Believe me, the hustle is real, the race is deep and the beef is stronger than you can ever imagine; the struggle for life against the odds is overtly challenging.

We find cars like the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Blazer, Subaru amongst others taking on a threatening form and a stranger sight to spectators and contenders. Other cars are an eye catcher as viewers have taken time to rate the movie as one of the best auto car race ever produced.









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