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A fuel tanker yesterday caught fire and sent some parts of Victoria Island, Lagos State into panic.

According to newsmen reports, the fire was started when a fully-loaded fuel tanker, offloading diesel into a generating set for a block of apartments located towards the end of the street caught fire. A resident was said to have noticed a leak that had resulted in smoke.

The smoke however resulted into fire which eventually caused an explosion.

As the tanker caught fire at about 10:00am, the fire further spread to a parked car nearby at which point residents of the community were already trying to salvage the situation by rallying to get buckets of water to put out the fire.

An attempt by the resident to put out the resulting fire with a fire extinguisher worsened the situation as it blew up in his face and burnt part of him. The fire explosion grew so intense that it affected a truck coming behind the tanker, it also burnt a nearby transformer.

Despite efforts, the fire escalated to burn a nearby transformer as well as blacken the wall of some neighbouring buildings.

After emergency agencies arrived at the scene, residents were evacuated as officers of the Lagos State Fire Service battled to overpower the fire with four fire trucks. The fire was eventually extinguished at about 1:15p.m.

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