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So let’s get this straight, you don’t need a mechanic that much.

Before we start, let’s go back in retrospect to the late 80’s and early 90’s, cars were the not so familiar friend of the people in Nigeria. But today, a vast majority of Nigerians have possessed their own cars, and that has consequently put a burden on the auto service business. Unlike motorbikes or electric bikes, fixes and replacement of car parts have been known to consume a huge amount of time, for instance, the process of repainting a car often take at least 3 days, and surely not every one of us can have that amount of time. Some even barely have time for lunch, let alone taking our cars to an auto service shop.

Therefore, we have to come up with a way to drastically shorten the waiting time, or ideally, don’t have to wait at all. The most obvious way to do it is to figure out what kind of fixes can be done at home and can be learned easily and leave the heavy, specialized job for the experienced mechanic to handle.





Speaking from a general perspective, you don’t have to change your battery after 4 to 5 years of use unless you adopt bad driving habits that reduce your car battery’s life. It would have to retire after thousands of cycles of charging, day in and day out. You should carry a battery tester ready with you to check the battery whenever you detect signs of a dead battery. If you want to replace it, displace it from your car by first detaching the leads, then unbolting all the joints. Afterward, clean the area with a wire brush before you connect the leads to the terminals.

Note: Make sure that your anti-theft device (if any) is unplugged before you do the job.



The only part that comes into contact with the road is your tires, so it’s only sensible that you should check them regularly. Checking the tread depth is crucial when it comes to checking the tire. Also, rotate the tires regularly, so that they can have even surfaces, preventing any unwanted uncontrollable veering on the roads.

While many see it as a simple task that can be done at home, it’s not particularly a piece of cake. You still need some proper pieces of equipment like the jack stand and a floor jack (the alternatives are a torque wrench and a ramp. Some car models don’t have this with them and our advice is to get yourself a car toolbox so that you would take the initiative when there’s something wrong with the car.

Do you believe with us that there are quite a number of DIY hacks that you can find yourself acquainted with? Well, for more tips, make it a date with us every thursday and we promise to make it a more fulfilling one. Don’t forget to visit us every friday for our Danfo series as well as Celebrity and their Cars gossip.

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